12 Jan

505 Games (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey) has released the first in what looks to be a series of narrative trailers for their upcoming title, Naughty Bear for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The game, developed by WET developer Artificial Mind & Movement, has you playing the titular Naughty Bear on an island populated by your stuffed brethren.  When Naughty Bear, despite his best efforts to be nice, is ostracized by the rest of the island, he decides to exact revenge on those who have wronged him by going on a murderous rampage.

Hooray for healthy conflict resolution!  See the trailer after the jump.

3 thoughts on “Naughty Bear First Trailer”

  1. Yeah I gotta say I’m intrigued. I despise 505 Games for all of the shovelware they publish but I see this as something like Postal meets a Build-a-Bear Workshop.

    Just wait until it comes out and some outraged but neglectful parent gets pissed off because she stupidly bought it for her 5 year old who ends up traumatized when the teddy bear gouges out the eyes of one of his enemies.

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