07 Jan

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has confirmed new ultra moves and alternate costumes of several characters in Super Street Fighter IV. Eventhubs.com has translated some of the Ultra’s names and descriptions on the scan:

• Ryu: Metsu Shoryuken – Basically describes it as a Shin Shoryuken with nastier looking effects.

• C. Viper: Burning Dance – Activates in the air, kicks the opponent into the air and finishes with an electric cross chop.

• Cammy: Cammy Quick Combination – It’s a counter move, when opponent attacks, you’ll counter with a submission hold combo (which probably involves Cammy rubbing her body all over her opponent…)

• El Fuerte: El Fuerte Ultra Spark – A close range grab, basically Propeller Tortilla the opponent into the air for a “finish hold” which could be any wrestling move. Can’t make it out from the picture.

Super Street Fighter IV is said to be release in March, but is being delayed till later in the year rumored by Capcom.


One thought on “New Super Street Fighter IV Ultras and Costumes Revealed”

  1. I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy Street Fighter 4. It always takes Capcom a number of times before they come out with the “perfect” version of the latest entry in Street Fighter.
    It’s annoying, but if not for that, we wouldn’t have received Street Fighter III: Third Strike.
    Still, I think I’ll shell out the bucks for this one though. Holding out on the hope that they bring back some III characters for this (Makoto or Yun anyone?)

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