11 Jan

Greenpeace's "Green Guide" charts Nintendo as the alleged "least green" company surveyed

Having recently been snipped at by Greenpeace’s annual survey of electronic company’s ecological policies, Nintendo released an official statement on the matter to Eurogamer, ensuring customers of their commitment to more sensible, “green”-er production.

“We would like to assure customers that we take our environmental responsibilities seriously and are rigorous in our commitment to comply with all relevant laws relating to environmental and product safety, including avoiding the use of dangerous substances in our manufacturing processes and ensuring the safe disposal and recycling of materials,” said Nintendo. “We consider the environmental impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from planning to disposal. In the planning phase, for example, we make every effort to design energy-efficient products and select materials for component parts and packaging materials with careful consideration for the environment. We also consider the importance of reducing environmental impact at end-of-life disposal by clearly indicating the materials used in each product to make recycling easier. We also work to eliminate harmful substances from our products right from the initial stages of material selection and have established strict environmental control standards, with our 340 production partners all co-operating with us in our efforts.”

6 thoughts on “Nintendo Responds to Greenpeace Report”

  1. Their mass production of consoles might not be too environmentally friendly, but the fact that there are not that many failure consoles is astounding, well it is a Nintendo Product, they can sustain wars you know. The other thing is that currently the Wii is my least played system, so I would say that it is pretty environmentally friendly, it is on a different surge protector that is off, that protector also has my PS2, NES, a couple of chargers on it, and my power plug for my external HDD. You would think that MS would have less efficiency with all those RROD consoles, but then again, they just reused the system with a different CPU and fan, although even the new consoles still sound way too loud.

    1. It is curious, but Sony has quite a few independent departments, so I guess Greenpeace is going with that. I guess the regular Sony is for Entertainment, and Ericsson is for necessity, but who the hell knows why Greenpeace did that.

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