24 Feb

Nintendo just had their Q1 2010 Media Summit event in San Francisco; here is a quick summary of major news items and release dates:

Metriod Other M to release June 27th

New Club Nintendo items: Mario posters, Game and Watch Collection 2, Ultrahand for wiiware

Dragon Quest IX being published by Nintendo

Monster Hunter 3 free online play for North America. Demo disc at Gamestop March 8th

Original Prince of Persia SNES remake included in Forgotten Sands

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor to release June 7th. Trailer here

Ghostwire due out October

Super Mario Galaxy 2 launches May 23rd Trailer here

Cave Story launches March 8th

Nintendo has own e-reader on DS called “100 Classic Books” to releases June 14th

DSi XL coming March 28th for $189 in burgundy or bronze pre-loaded with: Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock, Nintendo DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio. Trailer here

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