02 Feb

While Final Fantasy XIV director Hiromichi Tanaka already stated in August 2009 that discussions were being held with Microsoft to bring the game to the Xbox 360, a recently updated LinkedIN profile of Lighting Lead / Compositor at SquareEnix hints that Final Fantasy XIV is being developed for the PS3, PC as well as the Xbox 360.

The profile reads “April 2009 — Present (11 months) “Final Fantasy XIV” for PC, PS3, Xbox360″.

At E3 2009, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton stated that Final Fantasy XIV would be a console exclusive, though Tanaka later stated that Tretton failed to mention that the exclusivity would only apply to the initial launch window. Last year, when Tanaka stated that negotiations with Microsoft were ongoing to bring the game to the Xbox 360, he stated that a major issue in bringing the game to that console was the Xbox Live policy. The MMO is scheduled for an unspecified date later this year.