02 Mar

Yesterday, G4 reported that “a bunch of bouncer-types” had shown up at the Infinity Ward studio unannounced, putting the staff “on edge”. While a clear explanation was not given, it appears as though Activision is currently in conflict with two unnamed senior employees at Infinity Ward, the developer of several instalments in the Call of Duty-series, including the most recent addition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In a report filed with the SEC yesterday morning, the organization stated the following:

“The Company is concluding an internal human resources inquiry into breaches of contract and insubordination by two senior employees at Infinity Ward. This matter is expected to involve the departure of key personnel and litigation. At present, the Company does not expect this matter to have a material impact on the Company.”

Infinity Ward CTO Jason West is apparently involved, as he updated his Facebook profile with a message stating that “Jason West is drinking. Also, unemployed.” Furthermore, his LinkedIn profile has recently been updated to reflect that West is no longer employed as the Infinity Ward CTO. It is currently unclear who the second senior employee is, though rumors suggest it may concern Vince Zampella, the studios Chief Creative Officer.

Specific details regarding the direct cause for the action are not available at this time.

3 thoughts on “Activision Clashes with Senior Employees at Infinity Ward”

  1. I heard some at IW weren’t too thrilled about working with Treyarch. Perhaps that started the bridge burning.

    Some thought this was a publicity stunt, but filing false reports to the SEC doesn’t seem very legal. I also don’t see why a company like that would need a stunt like this to create publicity.

    Perhaps the leads at IW thought they were untouchable and let it get to their heads after the $1 billion brought in by MW2?

    It’s really all speculation at this point. I’m interested to see what information we are provided with.

    Hopefully it’s not the generic, “it was a mutual parting, blah blah blah.”

  2. I can’t imagine this would come from IW. In pure speculation, Activision has it’s record against it… so for now, I kind of expect it is a result of Activision pushing IW in a direction that it doesn’t want to go.

  3. Apparently Activision hired lawyers to find a way to legally fire Zampella and Zampella before they were due a massive royalty payment. Shady as hell.

    As such Activision is getting its ass sued by the two ex-employees.

    There are just repulsive cost saving tactics if this is the case. I wonder other studio leaders and employees under Activision are thinking if this turns out to be true.

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