29 Mar

Online retail giant Amazon.com may be looking to get deeper into the digital distribution video game business. Already sporting a profitable video and music on-demand service, Amazon.com still only sells boxed game copies, but that may change with a recently uncovered job listing. Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capitalist Markets has discovered a formal classifieds request for experts that will help Amazon launch a Steam-like service.

“Our periodic checks of job postings uncovered a search by Amazon in the video game category to help implement a new digital distribution platform. As in other segments of digital media, we expect Amazon to pursue new opportunities as an aggregator of online games, similar to Steam (PC), BigPoint (browser) and others,” Sebastian detailed. “Since the company already has the infrastructure to deliver digital content, we believe that increased selection and a focus on the user experience will be key factors in gaining further market share. Overall, Amazon currently has roughly 1,250 open positions, with a concentration on software development with 511 open requisitions (41% of total).”