26 Jun

IndustryGamer sources at a “top developer” have claimed that Sony’s Playstation 4 is expected to revealed sometime next year, most likely at one of the larger industry trade shows. This potential reveal could easily be moved up should Nintendo’s Wii U tablet find extreme financial success, or should Microsoft announce a successor to the Xbox […]

17 May

When Wal-Mart moves, the rest of the industry follows. The giga-retailer’s possible return to the used games market has spurred similar theorizing on the part of, among others, Best Buy and Toys R Us. Lazard Capital Market’s Colin Sebastian recently released information showing that the two companies will be testing a used game inventory in […]

29 Mar

Online retail giant Amazon.com may be looking to get deeper into the digital distribution video game business. Already sporting a profitable video and music on-demand service, Amazon.com still only sells boxed game copies, but that may change with a recently uncovered job listing. Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capitalist Markets has discovered a formal classifieds request […]