26 Jun

IndustryGamer sources at a “top developer” have claimed that Sony’s Playstation 4 is expected to revealed sometime next year, most likely at one of the larger industry trade shows. This potential reveal could easily be moved up should Nintendo’s Wii U tablet find extreme financial success, or should Microsoft announce a successor to the Xbox 360 within the next six months.

Most analysts believe a Sony reveal won’t happen until 2013, with the new console coming 2014, as the Wii U is not as large a perceived threat as many believe.

“I think Sony introducing Vita at a low price point and likely lowering the PS3 price later this year will ultimately provide a gauge on the overall health of the PlayStation business. I think after that point Sony will be in a better position to speak about any next generation console. For now, I think the focus at Sony should be on ensuring a steady lineup of quality first and third party games for existing platforms,” theorized Colin Sebastian, formerly of Lazard Capital.

David Cole, of DFC Intelligence, echoed that claim, staying, “I would not bet on seeing a PS4 at the next E3. Sony really needs to push out the lifespan of the PS3 and I think Sony’s investors would not be happy with a new console system. It would mean a major loss and an early end to the PS3, which if it can last several years longer could start making some decent money for the company. Yes, they will feel pressure from the competition, but I think pressure from investors and the financial community wins the day.”

Do you think a 2013 PS4 reveal could be likely, EGs? Would you even be interested in another console lifecycle? Comment below!