22 Mar

BioWare announced toady an all new downloadable character to Mass Effect 2, the master thief named Kasumi. The Kasumi DLC will be coming to XBox 360 and PC this April.

“Mass Effect 2 is BioWare’s highest Metacritic game to date, and we are excited to be able to expand that experience by introducing another engaging new character in Kasumi,” said Aaryn Flynn, Studio General Manager of BioWare Edmonton. “Kasumi – Stolen Memory is a testament to our promise to continue to provide fans with new, compelling, high quality post-launch content.”

Prior to the launch of Kasumi in April, also being released on March 23 through the Cerberus Network is the Firewalker DLC pack, which includes five missions taking place on five uncharted worlds.

2 thoughts on “Kasumi Coming to Mass Effect 2”

  1. I too was really excited, but the price tag for what you’re getting is pretty silly if true. Right now the word is that it’s $7 total in points.

    For about an hour and a half of gameplay and one new character, that’s highway robbery to me.

    $50 PC ME2 for 11 characters and around 30 hours in one playthrough if you hit everything.

    Not sure how the math dictates that 1:30 + 1 character is $7 because that equates to 14% of the original game price.

    I really want this DLC, but ehh…

    I mean sure, right now $7 may not seem so bad, but if they overprice future content with little playing time it will all add up.

    You could probably counter that if they withheld all the free DLC they’ve put out for so far and combined it with the Kasumi DLC it would be worth $7.

    Perhaps that’s the logic for the pricing.

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