03 Apr

In an interesting and certainly applauded move; Capcom has announced that they will donate money to charity for every download of the upcoming (April 22nd) Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo. The lucky charity in this case is the Linkin Park invented charity; Music for Relief. The charity has an impressive track record, including aid work in; Southeast Asia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, and the hurricane struck U.S Gulf Coast.

Capcom will host a pre-launch party for Lost Planet 2 on May 6th, during which a celebrity/contest-winning-fan multiplayer tournament will take place. The winner of this tournament not only gets to brag to all the celebrities, but also get’s to decide which Music for Relief effort the donation money (maxing out at 25,000$) should go to.

So EG’s, does this peak your interest in downloading the Lost Planet 2 demo?