06 Apr

We attempted contact with Grunt's representatives about a love scene with Shepard, but have received no response.

Bioware has never seemed to shy away from homosexual relationships, with the original Mass Effect having the ability for a female Shepard to bed a female and Dragon Age: Origins featuring a possible male relationship with a bisexual male elf. But many have found the lack of a homosexual relationship option in Mass Effect 2 a  bit odd, and some have even taken issue against Bioware for the same reason. Both the product director of the game Casey Hudson and Bioware co-founder Ray Muzyka have come forth with two different answers.

“We still view it as… if you’re picturing a PG-13 action movie,” Hudson commented, referencing the overall level of maturity intended for the product, “That’s how we’re trying to design it. So that’s why the love interest is relatively light.”

“Sometimes, in some of our games, we are going to have a defined character with a more defined view.”  said Muzyka, alluding to the possibility that their idea of Shepard didn’t include homosexuality, “Almost like a third-person narrative — where Mass Effect is more in that vein, Dragon Age isn’t in that vein … For some other franchises we’ve had more defined characters and sort of approaches to things, and they’ve had a more defined personality and a more defined approach to the way they’ve proceed through the game and the world.”

What’s the E-G opinion? You agree with one or both of Bioware’s reps, or was this a question of sales and/controversy? Give us your thoughts below!

3 thoughts on “Bioware Explains Absence of Same-Sex Relationship in Mass Effect 2”

  1. Why does every video game need to have a homosexual option?

    Once it gets to that point, doesn’t it become a burden? Do homosexual activists really want people to be BURDENED with the need to design such an option every time? Do they want homosexuality to become resented by developers?


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