09 Apr

In a closed theatre at Konami’s Gamers Night 2010; the arguable king-franchise of terror unveiled a teaser trailer for what is undoubtedly the next Silent Hill game. Unfortunately with the theatre being closed, we don’t have the actual teaser itself to show you. But we’re being told that a character with a striking resemblance to James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 made a prominent appearance.

As of right now we’re missing a lot of information on the upcoming game, like title and developer. But the teaser ended with promise of more information at E3 2010. Another point of note is that Akira Yamaoka, the famed composer of the series won’t be returning, having gone off to work for Grasshopper Manufacture.

So EG’s what does this tell you? Is this a new remake in the same vane as Shattered Memories, this time on Silent Hill 2? Or is it simply an entirely new entry in the series?

4 thoughts on “New Silent Hill Game Announced”

    1. I’ve got to agree, Yamaoka being gone is going to be a huge hit to the atmosphere of the games unless they either find another extremely skilled composer or manage to convince him to still work on the series.

  1. hmm…maybe Yamaoka left because the last couple of games sucked (Homecoming & Shattered Memories)…..well, they suck compared to the games made by the original creators anyway…

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