09 Apr

Are you interested in actually making what goes into the games we all love so dearly? Train2Game thinks there are enough of you that do, that’s why they recently launched an online course in Game Artistry and Animation, co-created by actual game developer DR Studios. With enrollment opening on April 19th, the curriculum will include tips on how to do everything from basic Photoshop to fully 3-D environments and characters. Students can work at their own pace, with available technical support and tutoring available seven days a week. Completion of the course, which has been monitored by both Portsmouth and Bedfordshire Universities, will nab the student a fully accredited degree and portfolio.

“We’re pleased to announce the Games Artist and Animator course as the latest addition to our portfolio of courses.” said Tony Bickley, course director at DR Studios, “Skilled video games artists are sought very highly as the visual style of a game really influences the gaming experience. We are confident that the course will help provide an excellent gateway into the industry.”