21 May

Following persistent rumors and an accidental leak by Microsoft last week,  Lionhead Studios has confirmed today that the upcoming action/RPG Fable III will indeed make its way to the PC when the game is released later this year.

Furthermore, Lionhead announced that there will be a Collector’s Edition available exclusively for the Xbox 360. Besides the regular game, this version will include unique in-game content in the form of an additional quest which will reward players with an unique blade, access to a new location, an additional dog breed, a new outfit that characters can wear, and finally, an item that will assist players in making decisions by revealing how ‘good’ or ‘evil’ decisions in the game are.

The Collector’s Edition will also contain a deck of playing cards depicting several types of characters from Fable III, such as heroes, royals, rebels and villains. The Collector’s Edition will be available at a suggested retail price of $79.99, with the standard version on the Xbox 360 available for $59.99, and the PC version available for $49.99 at retailers or available for download through the Games for Windows – Live “Games on Demand” service.

A release date has not yet been announced for Fable III.

4 thoughts on “Fable III PC Version and Collector’s Edition Revealed”

  1. Well this is interesting. They announce that the Third game is coming to the PC, but Where is the Second? Also, if you make a game two platforms that use Microsoft products, wouldn’t you want to make both games equal. This really just shows that MS doesn’t care for PC gaming as they use to (I remember the good old days of Age of Empires).

  2. Failble 3 is cheaper for the pc than for the 360 at least…

    Interesting collector’s edition…not very common that collector’s editions really have an impact in game, which is a little disappointing.

    1. hm the way I worded that is misleading… I meant to say ‘collector’s editions rarely have an impact in-game, which makes this collector’s edition a little disappointing’… I want COLLECTABLES from my collector’s edition, not some special quest or a sword or stuff like that.

      1. Also don’t forget that this is exclusive to the 360, so it is kinda an FU to the PC audience. If I hear Lionhead right, it will be a hybrid RPG/Adventure/whatever else they want to throw in, and I believe that the PC would be best to handle the game’s controls. But, it would be nice to get Fable II for PC and cheap too, cause the game has been out for awhile.

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