14 May

Like the upcoming FIFA World cup that will have every country in the world – minus 80% of the United States – in a state of frenzy, the Heroes of Newerth world cup has been announced for the professional gaming circuit. Sponsored by SteelSeries (who plans to release a series of gaming peripherals based on the IP in the coming weeks) and GosuGamers.net, registration runs from May 19th to June 1st, and allows for 64 qualified teams to duke it out tournament-bracket style, for a chance to win up to $40,000. In addition, competing teams will be asked for their FIFA World Cup predictions, a correct guess on the winning country will enter those teams into a raffle for an additional $1,000.

“SteelSeries is proud to kick off the first Heroes of Newerth World Cup Tournament with a community like GosuGamers.net,” said SteelSeries CMO, Kim Rom. “This tournament is designed to get players excited for the launch of HoN and to offer gamers from anywhere in the world, from professional to novice skill level, at a chance to show off their skills and win some serious prize money.”