05 May

And Nintendo says that Apple can’t be a competitor in the handheld market. The iPad tablet has sold 1 million units in only 28 days, more than half the time it took the iPhone to perform the same sales feat (74 days.) Owners have already downloaded over 12 million applications from the App Store (5,000 new apps have been released since the iPad’s launch,) and 1.5 million e-books from the iBookstore. With developers both from the iPhone circuit and completely new to the handheld market already leaping on the device, Apple could be poised to make a major push towards the gaming market.

Will the Apple brand be the next major entrant into the video game industry? Give us your thoughts below, E-Gs!

One thought on “iPad Sells 1 Million Units”

  1. Sorry but I can’t take this piece of technology too seriously, from the name to the tech itself. Sorry, but all touch control is just not good for most games, you have to be relegated to imprecise controls, which don’t help in a lot of games where one slip up and you have to start the level all over again. Besides, you would think that with all the money you are spending you would be getting at least 50% more processing power and at least a 128gb memory, but no. That and the iPad cannot run programs like a normal computer does. I will just wait for the HP Slate to satisfy my Tablet PC needs (that and it will be running Windows 7 so I can play whatever game I could feasibly run on the thing).

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