25 May

Long thought dead behind its rival social networking site Facebook, Myspace is making a big push towards the social gaming front with the announcement of its creation of the Myspace Games Lab. Built with third-party development in mind, Myspace has also created an in-house team for internal IP creation. Confirmed studios within the program are TheBroth, Meez, and Playdom. Users will also be able to unlock the anticipated Bangkok chapter in Zynga’s Mafia Wars from the Myspace hub.

“Working closely with MySpace has allowed us to launch and extend successful titles like Mobsters and Sorority Life,” said Playdom CEO John Pleasants. “As we continue to collaborate, MySpace has been receptive to our feedback to update the platform with improved promotional and viral channels. Our symbiotic partnership ensures that our shared users will continue to enjoy unique social gaming experiences.”

“Social gaming is a powerful way for people to connect with each other,” said Senior VP of Business Operations Vish Makhijani.  “As we extend our titles to different places on the Web, MySpace provides an audience of social gamers that engage frequently with games and are excited to discover and share those experiences with others.”

One thought on “Myspace Launches its own Social Games Hub”

  1. Myspace is only really good for looking up bands’ profiles to listen to music.

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