27 May

A new rumor has surfaced from Edge on the pricing of Microsoft’s upcoming Natal motion device. According to a “trusted source” Natal will launch in October at $149. This is in huge contrast from what we’ve been hearing for the past year from Michael Pachter (among others) where the price was predicted to be around the $50 mark, also according to “trusted inside sources.”

This time however the rumor has a bit more evidence backing it up. A month ago several Swedish retailers “listed” Natal for $1499 Kronor (Swedish currency). This directly translates to about $200, but due to inflation it more accurately represents a price of $150.

Attentive readers will notice that this is considerably more expensive than Sony’s Playstation Move device which will launch a starter pack including game for “under $100”. Additionally the source told Edge “Microsoft expects to sell millions and millions of Natal units in its first year on the market so you can expect the software launch line-up to target non-traditional gamers,” as well as confirming that Natal is just a placeholder name, and that it’ll definitely be renamed.

So Elder-Geeks, would you pay this much for Project Natal, or have a better price in mind? Let us know below!

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Natal Priced at $149”

  1. That kind of price would be a deal breaker… way too much for what seems like a gimick.

    1. Yeah, considering you can get a Wii for $50 more. So you have to buy this and the console, no thanks. And the rumor that they are bundling it with the Arcade unit is a joke, they really need to axe the Arcade unit.

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