15 Jun

After months of speculation, the highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS was finally unveiled at the Nintendo Press Conference earlier today. The new platform is a successor to the Nintendo DS and will boast a new 3.5 inch widescreen to complement the touch screen that was also found on the Nintendo DS. The graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS has been boosted, with the upper screen allowing 3D images to be displayed without requiring the user to wear polarized glasses.

Furthermore, the 3DS will include a analog pad similar to a thumbstick and a slider that allows players to modify 3D-effect, or disable it. Additionally, the platform will be able to take 3-dimensional pictures by means of two forward-facing cameras. Similar to the Nintendo DSi, the 3DS also has a camera facing the player. Furthermore, a motion and gyroscopic sensor are included in the 3DS.

Nintendo also announced that even though final commitments have not yet been made, the company is currently exploring opportunities to bring 3-dimensional movies to the handheld. At the E3, Warner Bros., Disney and Dreamworks will be showing movies on the handheld platform. It is unclear whether these movies will also be available for the platform when it launches.

The Nintendo 3DS will include wireless functionality, and is able to sync data and exchange content with other nearby handhelds passively.