01 Jun

Set to launch on June 17th in the United States with a monthly cost of $14.95, the cloud-based game streaming service OnLive is offering a special promotion for the first 25,000 qualified registrants. If you manage to get be one of the lucky 25,000, OnLive will waive the first year subscription cost completely. Originally the deal extended only to the first 3-months, but was recently expanded to include the first 12 months and a free game. The service is poised for a great opening, already boasting major investments across the globe. More information is expected at this year’s E3.

One thought on “Onlive Waiving 1st Year Subscriptions”

  1. Such a shame this will only be available in the US for the coming years. I’ve been told OnLive has started to work on expanding to the UK, but it seems like worldwide access is at least a couple of years away :(

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