03 Dec

OnLive recently announced an additional pay-to-play subscription model for their cloud-based platform. The “OnLive PlayPack” is a $10/month program that allows access to “several…recent, classic, and indie titles”. The current lineup for the program features 14 titles (listed below the jump), but is expected to expand to around 40 unique games by its January 15th […]

11 Aug

Like their stocking of video games on the shelf to compete with their brick-and-mortar rivals, Blockbuster is again using video game distribution as the next arm in their business plan. Recently expanding their Blockbuster by Mail service to include games, they offer a library of 3,000 games both current and classic, in addition to their […]

29 Jun

The oft-rumored subscription service is finally coming console-side. Hulu.com recently introduced the world to “Hulu Plus,” a planned expansion of its existing television and movie streaming service onto mobile platforms like the iPhone and video game consoles like Playstation 3 and 360. An ad-based service with a $10 monthly subscription cost, Hulu Plus will offer […]