18 Nov

Dave Perry’s cloud-based streaming platform Gaikai entered public beta late yesterday, with 11,000 invitations having been sent out prior to the opening. More invitations will be sent out as initial feedback is taken into consideration and the service’s infrastructure is beefed up to accommodate the additional necessary traffic. Interested players can register for the beta […]

29 Jun

The oft-rumored subscription service is finally coming console-side. Hulu.com recently introduced the world to “Hulu Plus,” a planned expansion of its existing television and movie streaming service onto mobile platforms like the iPhone and video game consoles like Playstation 3 and 360. An ad-based service with a $10 monthly subscription cost, Hulu Plus will offer […]

14 Apr

Console movie streaming seems to be a stellar success, if Netflix’s business model is to be taken as evidence. Beginning on the PC and moving to the 360, and later the PS3, the mail-rental DVD service is now bringing its model to Nintendo’s Wii. Using the same disc-based streaming technology found on the PS3, although […]