secret-world-mmo1 13 Dec

On its website, Funcom has announced that it will be dropping the subscription fee to its MMO The Secret World, and make the game a “pay once to play” system, similar to the Guild Wars franchise. That’s where the similarities end however, as there will also be three tiers to the possible membership, free, member or grand master. None of the current content will become restricted for free members, and the next large update, Issue 5, will still be available to all users.

Choosing to stick to the $15/€15 a month member status, however, will earn you an item that gives you double exp with a 16 hour cool down period, along with$10/€10 worth of in-game points to spend in the Item store, a mystery gift on the first patch day of each month and a 10% discount on everything except content packs and other “packs” in the Item Store. Grand Masters will receive a further 10% discount on all items, and those with a subscription still intact will gain 1200 bonus points and the XP boosting item. All of this will go into effect immediately.

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly