10 Jun

Valve today announced that the sequel to its unanimously hailed puzzle-platformer Portal, originally slated for release this holiday season, would be delayed until 2011. No specific release date or reason for delay was given. Valve has also announced that the ‘surprise’ that was hinted to be at E3 next week after the developer canceled its Portal 2 showcase at the event, popularly believed to be Half-Life related, actually has something to do with the Portal franchise, although no further details have been given.

One thought on “Portal 2 Delayed, ‘Surprise’ Hints”

  1. Well, Gavin, you need to do something for me. I am unsure if it is the ticked to get into Valve’s surprise, but it may help. You need to assume the Party Escort Submission Position, and then see what happens. Well in Valve time, that delay could be up to Holiday of 2011 (still waiting on the DLC for L4D and and Engineer update, and ep. 3 news).

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