11 Jul

Image of the 3DS

Is there anything Nintendo’s recently detailed new handheld can’t do? In addition to providing 3-dimensional visuals without the need for specialty glasses, IGN is reporting that those developers keen on remaining the 2D spectrum can design a title that is meant for gamers to turn off the system’s 3D capability in order to upgrade their 2D graphics.

“The way the Nintendo 3DS renders a single frame of video is at 800 by 240, splitting that frame down the middle vertically. Two 400 by 240 resolution images are then sent to the two layered LCD screens for the 3D effect,” explains IGN. “Developers working on the system say that if they were developing a 3DS game that didn’t use 3D, they could theoretically use the extra processing power for additional texture passes and more complex object and environment geometry, or even up a framerate from 30 frames per second to 60…But there’s no benefit to raise a frame rate from 60 to 120 since the LCD displays of the 3DS (as well as the DSi, DS Lite, DS classic, Game Boy Advance…even the PSP) are limited to 60Hz.”

And that’s not all for Nintendo fans. Rumors have also been going around that the Mii avatars that currently roam the Wii landscape could make their way to the new handheld. Considering Nintendo has already hinted at a “revolutionary new online strategy” for the 3DS, Shigeru Miyamoto responded to a question regarding avatars in the Pilotwings 3DS demo on the show floor.

“We need to keep in mind how we evolve the Miis and how we think about compatibility with Miis between different systems, but that’s something that we’re definitely giving consideration to and want to continue to try to allow people to use their Miis on different Nintendo systems going forward,” Miyamoto

2 thoughts on “3DS Boosts 2D Graphics, May Get Miis”

  1. If there’s one thing Nintendo has needed it’s a new online strategy. Where’s Pokemon Online? Where’s the Super Smash Bros. Brawl community with online tournaments, matchmaking, rankings, etc. Nintendo needs their own Xbox Live.

    As for 3DS, I’m curious to see a game that makes use of the extra power without being 3D.

    1. How about a SN and not a stupid friend code system. Seriously, Nintendo needs to upgrade their online so it is stable enough to play. MKWii did alright besides all the stupid weapons rubberbanding they implemented in the system and hackers. I might play Brawl more if there was a reason too (well if they didn’t nerf Marth so bad I probably would play more, seriously they took away half of his ability to come back to a stage, and then nerfed all of his moves, that is a patch I want).

      The 2D thing is kinda obvious though. If you reallocate resources from 3D rendering to 2D rendering then there would obviously be a spike in 2D visuals. But I too want to see what can happen, and I think the best looking games would come out a couple of years into the life cycle of the system. Also games that use 3D character models and backgrounds (like the FF remakes for DS).

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