29 Jul

The Capcom “Vs.” series has long been in the business of making dream match-ups come true, but one that never seemed likely – even from them – is a crossover between rival companies. Surprising even the most stalwart of fans at San Diego Comic Con, the joint announcement was made by Yoshinori Ono (Street Fighter IV) and Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken series). Set in the 2D characters in 3D space style of Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter x Tekken will feature the usual suite of Versus, Tag Team, and Training Modes, as well as yet some unexplained “new enhancements.”

Tekken fighters will be re-imagined as they are brought into the Street Fighter art style, battling across familiar and new stages from both franchises. What’s more, this is just the Capcom-produced half of a cross-developer series, with Namco Bandai publishing the similar Tekken x Street Fighter with the same design aesthetics as its brother, with the art styles swapped to accommodate the Tekken style. The game(s) will launch on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

“This is history we’re making.” said Yoshinori Ono, ” Two fighting games that have rivaled each other are finally standing on the same stage.  This isn’t just a showdown between Tekken and Street Fighter, but a decisive battle for Capcom and Namco Bandai Games.  So I’m going to give it my all.”

11 thoughts on “Capcom Announces Street Fighter x Tekken (Updated w/ Gameplay)”

  1. Aw man. I was more interested when it was Capcom vs. Namco. I wanted to see Soulcalibur characters and Pac-Man in the mix.

      1. How about… Video Game Industry: Final Bout. Has all the big name characters, and you can unlock famous game designers who have powers related to games they’ve created.

      2. Holy crap. Capcom vs. Team Ninja, or anyone vs. Team Ninja would be a day one buy for me.

  2. This seems very interesting. Personally I think the idea of putting the characters from each game into different fighting gameplay is really need. I’d be more apt to play Tekken X Street Fighter though. Was a huge SFII nut as a kid, but I always liked Tekken more.

    1. I find myself leaning towards Tekken X Street Fighter as well, since I can actually play Tekken and string combos, whereas when I play SF I don’t fair as well.

  3. I’ll buy both just because I want the collection, but I’ll be playing Tekken X Street Fighter a lot more simply because I prefer that gameplay style.

    But I’m still waiting for Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat. With any luck, if the new MK kicks ass, then Warner Bros & Capcom will make it happen.

    It’s a good generation for fighters, that’s for sure.

    1. Yeah I probably am going to buy both just to have. I may do good withe the SF engine, but I don’t know. It just depends on what Tekken characters they put in the games and what cobos they allow, cause I am use to Tekken’s insane amount of moves, opposed to SF’s sub 20 moves. I can also pull off more special moves in Tekken than SF, but with practice I should be able to pull off specials.

      Well it will be awesome anyways, well we probably will have to wait a year or two, but yeah, still waiting.

  4. I’m not sure if I like the idea of two different versions of the same game (it is going to split the revenue), but I am still quite curious. I have a feeling that consumors might get a little confused with each product when it comes time to purchase.

    1. That is probably the ONLY way both companies would accept the project. These have been rivals for decades, no way they would concede to a single product, especially considering the title order. Petty, but sensible in business terms. May split the revenue overall, but will also allow each publisher to have their own version to bring to market, rather than joint publish and risk being second banana to the other.

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