14 Jul

With sales of Mass Effect 2 having made headlines for its record-break earlier in the year, it may come as a surprise to hear that its developer, Bioware, is saying that its most successful is actually the more traditional RPG Dragon Age: Origins. The company’s Principal Director, Rob Bartel, recently spoke with MCV and claimed the Baldur’s Gate-inspired dark fantasy romp was Bioware’s highest selling title to date.

Dragon Age was an extremely successful title for us – last November it was the single most globally successful title we’ve put out to date,” he confirmed at EA’s recent European showcase. “This is one of our two primary IPs in the Edmonton studio in Canada, and then we’re working on the Old Republic down in Austin. So Dragon Age is a very big part of what we do and for what the future for BioWare will hold for sure.”

4 thoughts on “Dragon Age Bioware’s Most Successful Title”

  1. Really!?! Mass Effect 2 seemed like it would do way better, since it seemed to bring out all of the things that made Star Wars magical. Christoph is probably right, it had to have been the sales from the PS3 version that put it over the top.

  2. And yet they appear to be making Dragon Age 2 into Mass Effect: Middle Earth :/
    Hopefully I’m wrong (as much as I like ME, I like DA more).

    This also reminds me of how much of a dream come true it’d be to work at BioWare Edmonton. Working for my favourite company on my favourite games in my home city.

    1. Same here. From what I heard elsewhere the PC version could stay intact, but the console version might go towards more action, because of the control scheme and the audience that is most prevalent on consoles.

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