30 Jul

Despite the fact that Battlefield 1943 has been available on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network for more than a year, EA has still not released the World War II-based shooter for the PC. The release window has been pushed back several times. In response to a refund request from several consumers, EA has now confirmed that it is indeed giving money back to users who have pre-ordered the game for PC and send in a request.

The game, which is a stand-alone HD-remake of some of the most popular maps from 2002’s Battlefield 1942 was met with positive reviews on consoles and currently stands as the best selling download-only title for both platforms. In March, EA indicated that the game will be made available for the PC ‘soon’, though this release window was later widened to ‘this year.’

Consumers who wish to cancel their pre-order and receive a refund are advised to call the Electronic Arts customer support line at 650-628-1001.