23 Jul

Looks like not even child rearing-simulators are immune from lawsuits. SouthPeak Interactive has filed suit against Majesco, stating that the publisher has not right to publish My Baby 3 & Friends (Nintendo DS). SouthPeak is claiming contractual rights to publish the series in the US markets. The game’s original release date was set for this Winter, with the final launch to fluctuate depending on which publisher wins the rights.

“We are exceptionally proud of our success in making the My Baby franchise a leader in the North American market; our innovative sales, marketing and PR strategies brought My Baby to a huge audience and built a loyal fan base for future products,” read the company’s statement. “SouthPeak continues to hold the rights to subsequent My Baby games and we intend to vigorously protect those rights.”

One thought on “Majesco Sued Over My Baby”

  1. I know SouthPeak is having issues lately financially, but seriously, they are suing over My Baby 3! Wow, they must have hit hard times. Maybe they should make more quality titles and they wouldn’t be doing so bad.

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