08 Aug

The franchise that’s been breaking sales records for over five years has just added another to the pile. Activision’s Call of Duty has officially surpassed 20 million units…of DLC sold. The map packs for all games in the series supporting the functionality have combined to sell more downloads of its kind than any other brand in history by far, and shows no sign of slowing down as Call of Duty: Black Ops approaches release.

“The Call of Duty franchise is unique in the world of entertainment and delivers one of the best multiplayer experiences ever,” said Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “We are thrilled to deliver to fans exciting and engaging content that has the intensity they have come to expect from the franchise.”

One thought on “Call of Duty Map Packs Sell Over 20 Million”

  1. Well yeah, that happens when you have Three games that have a major online component. If CoD3 had a map-pack, and CoD2 for 360, then yeah that is to be expected. Not many FPSes have so many sequels in a decade.

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