29 Sep

More than six months after the previous episode of downloadable content was released for Borderlands, the fourth package of DLC has made its way into the Playstation Store, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam. “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution,” as this episode is known, adds a total of 21 new missions to the roster and grants players six new backpack slots and two additional skillpoints.

In this episode of DLC, players are faced with an army of rogue Claptraps. The leader of this army, the unit designated CL4P-TP (Interplanetary Ninja Assassin), appears to be the same unit who greets players when they first arrive on Pandora and also the one who is seen to be struck by lightning after the end-credits roll.

“Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” is now available at the Playstation Store and Steam for $9.99, or on the Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points.

It is currently unclear whether more DLC for Borderlands is development at Gearbox Software.

One thought on “New Episode of Borderlands DLC Released”

  1. Well I will eventually get this DLC (probably during the Steam Holiday sale). Also you should have mentioned that a free patch to all players has hit that raises the level cap 8 more levels, and it re-balances subsequent playthroughs to make the game reflect what level your character is currently on. But I digress.

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