15 Sep

Following months of speculation Sony has finally confirmed that HD re-releases of 2002’s Ico and 2006’s Shadow of the Colossus are indeed in development at this time. Sony has indicated that more information regarding these updates will be made available at the media briefing that will be held at the Tokyo Game Show tomorrow.

Multiple retailers have listed a “Team ICO Collection” on their website of the last couple of months. However, the most recent edition of Famitsu Magazine indicates that both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will be released separately from one another in Japan. At this time, no official confirmation has been given that these games will be released as a bundle outside Japan.

One thought on “Sony Confirms Team ICO HD Re-Releases”

  1. Now to wait for a release date. Also to wait for news of The Last Guardian.

    I will double dip and get SotC for PS3 because I am getting tired of the blurry visuals my PS2 is giving me (I haven’t gotten better cables for it;and I know it won’t help that much). Also I get the chance to play Ico as well.

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