23 Sep

Of all of the controversy surrounding Electronic Arts and Danger Close Games’ Medal of Honor, very little has been coming directly from the soldiers on the field. Parents, officers, and media pundits have all weighed in and spoken for them, but it wasn’t until recently a member of Special Operations Forces (who wishes to be known as “Justin”) came out and spoke on the subject. This is the same type of elite force soldier whose duties are depicted in the upcoming shooter, so his negative view of the controversy may be the hardest hit against the game’s public relations.

“The Taliban will use this game as a recruiting tool. If you are thinking about a reason to hate this game, I just gave you the only reason that makes sense to me.” Justin told IndustryGamers as part of a group interview, “Every time they make the news for claiming a bomb or whatnot, even if they didn’t do it, you are giving the Taliban un-needed press. Adding them to this game is a small victory for them as they are now recognized as a legitimate fighting force.”

He also referred to Electronic Arts’ position in the game as “war profiteering”, adding “They are just cashing in on what could sell. Many businesses are guilty of this.”

3 thoughts on “Special Ops Soldier: Medal of Honor is a Taliban Recruitment Tool”

  1. Ugh, ok that is your statement. The thing I am most worried about this statement is that Fox News will pick this up and make another fuss about MoH again.

    1. Just got done reading the interview, and I think I agree with Special Forces. He seems to be the more sensible guy. Justin just seems way to paranoid, and the Ranger guy was also level headed.

      I can’t wait to see the reviews coming out for this game, and see what other controversy surrounds the post release.

      Just something I noticed lately. The thumbs ups/down buttons are showing up to me as I can rate myself (something you should probably fix). Also; no I did not abuse this glitch, but I am just pointing out that it is occurring once again.

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