15 Sep

As a more lavish counterpart to Team Ninja’s intimate meeting, Capcom had its own major projects to reveal at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. First is a new entry in the long-running Devil May Cry series, this time developed by Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Enslaved). The new installment (just dubbed “DMC” at the moment) appears to be a gritty-style reboot of the series, although little information is known at this time.

Furthering their interaction with Western developers, Capcom also announced that it will be wholly acquiring Blue House, the makers of Dead Rising 2. Also included in the announcement was a reveal of another Xbox 36o-exclusive add-on for the game, entitled Case West, which will offer a co-operative campaign between current protagonist Chuck Greene and the main character of the original Dead Rising, photographer Frank West.

“Needless to say there are still details to work out, and the paperwork hasn’t been signed, but we’ve reached an agreement on it and we’re moving forward,” said Capcom’s Keiji Inafune at the publisher’s TGS presentation. “We will call this new part of the Capcom family Capcom Games Studio Vancouver.”

“We were able to forge a very good relationship with Blue Castle through this process, and I think that will come through when you play the game — and we’d like to move forward and continue the global strategy,” concluded Inafune.

“We’re really honored that Inafune sees such potential in us, and we take this responsibility very seriously as well,” said Blue Castle president Rob Barrett. “… Capcom games have a flavor, and we made sure that was in this game.”

Capcom also revealed a 360/PS3 science-fiction action title currently named Asura’s Wrath. A collaboration with CyberConnect2 (the .hack franchise), the game combines sci-fi with traditional Asian mythology, as well as featuring a central “anger/aggression” mechanic.

2 thoughts on “TGS ’10: Capcom Debuts Ninja Theory Devil May Cry, More Dead Rising 2”

  1. Capcom is shooting them in the foot for not releasing the Dead Rising 2 DLC on the PS3. They could get more money but choose not to release it. You would think they would give exclusive content to the PS3 owners for not getting the original; but hey I am not Capcom.

    The DMC trailer is shocking. Personally I don’t want to play as a lanky emo hipster. The combat also looks slow.

    I am interested in Asura though as it looks interesting.

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