18 Oct

With Fallout: New Vegas launching tomorrow in North America, publisher Bethesda Softworks has finally made a statement regarding the offering of post-release downloadable content. Though specific details were not released, a press release from Bethesda indicated that the first episode of downloadable content will be available in time for the holidays, and that this episode will be available exclusively on the Xbox 360.

The statement specifically points out that more information regarding this package of DLC as well as other episodes will be made available in the coming weeks. Whether these other episodes will also be exclusive to the Xbox 360, or if this first episode will be made available on other platforms at a later point in time is currently unclear.

One thought on “First New Vegas DLC Episode to be 360-Exclusive”

  1. Well bugger. Wonder how this factors into the whole (when you beat the game it’s over statement) thing they got going with Vegas. It didn’t fly with Fallout 3 due to fan revolt so they had to let people “play after the credits.”

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