18 Nov

Any doubts on whether or not the lack of the Infinity Ward label on Call of Duty: Black Ops would translate to less sales were put to rest after the game’s $350 million+ launch day. The next four days didn’t slow the sales too much either, the game going on to make $650 million in revenue across all regions, a full $100 million above the previous record holder, Activision’s own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from last year.

“The number of people playing online and the number of hours they are playing demonstrates how online gaming has become a mainstream form of entertainment and certainly validates Activision Blizzard’s leadership role in online entertainment.” said CEO Bobby Kotick.

2 thoughts on “Black Ops Makes $650m in First Five Days”

    1. If that happens, I wonder just how many people will decide to not pay the subscription fee. I can see a fee for MMOs as it takes a lot of work to maintain the servers, create new items and quests, to keep people interested in the game. A subscription service for an FPS is just pure profit, and I hope that it is never implemented.

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