10 Nov

The SSX snowboarding franchise has been a fan favorite ever since its inception as a PS2 launch title. On the back burner since 2007’s SSX Blur on the Wii, the series may be poised for a rebirth. Electronic Arts has registered new domain names with pretty specific titles, “SSX First Descent” and “SSX Deadly Descent”, leading some to believe the registration to be the first sign of the franchise returning. No confirmation has been received by EA or its partner studios, and Elder-Geek’s call for comments on the matter have not been returned as of yet.

One thought on “Rumor: SSX Franchise Coming Back?”

  1. I hope this is true. I really want them to return to the way SSX Tricky was. Man was Tricky such an awesome game. Enough of this motion based moves of Blur, and just give me good old button combos and make it HD so I can play it on my PS3 in full HD glory!

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