04 Aug

No domain registration or trademark escapes Superannuation, the Twitter master releasing an initial registration for a ScribblenautsRemix.com. The domain info listing isn’t offering any clues to what this new game may be, but if Elder Geek had to hazard a guess, we’d estimate its a 3D-ifying of either Super or the original Scribblenauts for the […]

12 Jul

In a bout of either amazing guerrilla marketing foresight (the URL was registered in 2009) or the greatest coincidence EA could hope for, people connecting to www.modernwarfare3.com will be redirected to the official website for Battlefield 3. The registration of the site has been done with privacy settings in place, so there are currently no […]

01 Jun

Ignition Entertainment, responsible for the upcoming El Shaddai, have registered the domain “Collapse-TheGame.com”, leading many to believe the straight-forward URL to be the next title in the developer’s library. Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen already hinted to Sidequesting that there was a “99% chance” they will announce a new game at E3, and it “might be” for […]