Final Fantasy Type-0 Revealed, New Versus XIII Footage

18 Jan, 2011

Continuing the deluge of Final Fantasy-related news coming out of Square Enix’s “First Production Unit” event earlier today, two more major games within the franchise have gotten new details. Final Fantasy Type-0, formerly just a trademark in Square’s name, has been revealed to be the new title of the PSP-exclusive game formerly known as Agito XIII. Set for release over this Summer in Japan – no confirmed Western launch – the game will ship on two UMDs. The game is supposedly a hopeful precursor to a new series, as Square has already trademarked “Type-1″, “Type-2″, and “Type-3″.

Also from the show floor, we got a deeper glimpse into Final Fantasy Versus XIII in a lengthy trailer end-loaded with the most gameplay seen to date. No further details of the game were revealed at the event.

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  1. Keck282
    January 19, 2011

    Well I watched these trailers when they first came out and they were awesome. Well SE was quick to act on blocking the trailers. Now we have to wait a few days for the official release.

    I have to say that it was a good decision to change the title of Agito to Type-0 seeing as how it strayed in design from Versus and XIII. I have no doubt that they just replaced Agito with XIII-2 in the trilogy of games. I am awaiting details on Versus, as it looked amazing. Tech has come a long ways over the years and looking at Versus, I can’t wait to play it. Also I really want that car showcased in Versus.