18 Jan

After an apparent Square Enix domain registration incited rumours last week, a sequel to last years’ Final Fantasy XIII was officially announced at the Square Enix “First Production Unit” event, which was held in Tokyo earlier today. Little information regarding the game is available at this time, though Square Enix indicated a trailer for the game will be released this Thursday. Footage shown at the event seemed to once again featured Lightning as the main character, though she has been outfitted with new armor and weaponry.

Though Square Enix has not released many details regarding the game yet, it was indicated that the game is expected to be released next winter. Last year, Square Enix indicated that plans to support Final Fantasy XIII with post-release DLC content were scrapped. This content was originally intended to form an epilogue to the events of Final Fantasy XIII. So far, it has not been indicated whether Final Fantasy XIII-2 will serve as an expanded version of this epilogue, or if it will feature a new storyline altogether.

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII-2 Confirmed”

    1. Thanks for the spoiler warning, guess that means I won’t be checking it out for a while. I recently picked the game up again, after I got stuck on the final boss last time (the third time I get stuck on a final, semi-final, or late-game boss in a Final Fantasy game). I plan on finishing the game this week though :)

      1. Yes you should beat it for closure. It really isn’t spoilers for those at the end chapter of the game but those starting out, yeah it is (although the story really doesn’t go anywhere, as well as character progression).

        I just hope that this sequel will allow you to go explore more. Seeing as how at the end of the game you [spoiler]go back to Pulse after you defeat Cocoon, and get the ability to explore a couple of areas again. There is a whole world to explore, and with Lightning looking like she is the ruler of the world, things will be interesting.[/spoiler]

        All I hope is that they have fixed the battle system and giving a bit more area to explore. I really want a return of the gambit system if SE is going to stick with the battle system they employed with FFXIII so you can make your allies useful for once.

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