12 Jan

Capcom has announced that it has recently released two arcade classics from 1985 for the Nintendo Wii through the Virtual Console. Both of the titles, Ghosts ‘N Goblins, and Exed Exes, are available at a 800 Wii points, or $8.

Exed Exes, is a vertically-oriented scrolling shooter that was originally released in the United States as Attack of the Savage Bees. The other title, Ghost ‘N Goblins, is a classic platformer that is widely considered to be amongst the most difficult games to beat, with the game becoming a major hit in Western territories when it was ported to the NES a few years after having been released in arcades. The current release of the game concerns a port of the classic arcade version, with the version of Ghost ‘N Goblins that was made available in the Virtual Console in 2007 being an updated version of the NES port.