19 Jan

Another Kingdom Hearts game, another secret ending revealing another Kingdom Hearts game. At the tail-end of the Japan-exclusive Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix is a multi-part teaser for a Birth by Sleep: Volume 2. Supposedly meant to close the gap between the original PS2 game and Birth by Sleep, the trailer offers no information beyond cinematic teases and the title. With yet another KH game set to launch on the Nintendo 3DS, expect the earliest possible information coming through much later in the year.


4 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Sequel Revealed”

  1. You know, all I really want is a KH3. The series is getting tiring all ready. The series really should have just moved onto the PS3 and stayed there. I really hate it when companies throw necessary story elements of a series on multiple platforms and also don’t release some games in certain regions (that is wore than multiple platforms for subsequent games).

    1. I disagree, each KH game has an interesting story to tell as well as contributions to the main plot. Each game plays quite differently from each other, making each a unique experience.

      The one thing that does need to stop is the recycling of music from earlier games. Even fan remixes would be better at this point.

      As for the game itself, there is indeed more to tell as BBS only took us to 9 years or so before KH. I want to know more about how the Organization came to be; the main cause, which members knew what and so on.

      1. That is the problem… every KH game contributes to the main plot, and without playing all of them, parts of the story are really confusing. Plus, the games are coming out for 5 different consoles (usually exclusively).

        I would have been interested in the series (loved the first game), but didnt have the cash to get 4-5 consoles, so I left the series, probably to never come back (sadly).

  2. Another Kingdom Hearts and still no mention whatsoever of Kingdom Hearts 3, which, like Keck, is all I want. I love KH 1 and 2 but have not played any of the other games, I would like to but I don’t have any hand held consoles.

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