07 Jan

In an interview published in the most recent edition of EGM, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has stated that the infamous Duke Nukem: Forever will be revealed in more detail later this month, or around early February by the latest. The first person shooter that has been in development 1997 was announced to have been picked up by Gearbox Software in September 2009, but little news regarding the title has been released since then.

Duke Nukem: Forever was picked up by Gearbox Software after original developer 3D Realms went bankrupt earlier in 2010. By that time, the game had already been in development for more than 13 years. Despite the fact that the game has already been delayed numerous time by the previous developer, the game is scheduled for a release in 2011, and was listed in the list of Elder-Geek’s Most Anticipated Titles for 2011. In October last year, publisher Take-Two Interactive announced that a demo / beta for the game will be made available to those who purchase the Game of the Year-edition of Borderlands.

One thought on “Pitchford: Duke Nukem: Forever Reveal this Month”

  1. I hope they confirm that you can hold all of your guns and not only be able to carry two. It just wouldn’t feel like a Duke Nukem game if you could only carry two guns instead of 6-8 of them and unleash your full arsenal whenever you wanted. I am of course basing my concerns off of the demo shown at PAX, and in that time they could have added that (small concern I know but just wouldn’t feel the same).

    Really want to see when the release date is to know when I can expect to play this game.

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