19 Jan

Disney Interactive has announced that it has closed down Propaganda Games, which was based out of Vancouver, Canada. The studio was originally formed in 2005 by employees who had left EA Canada, and released their debut-title Turok in 2008. Following that, the studio moved on to work on the canceled action/rpg titleĀ Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned, and the recently-released movie tie-in Tron: Evolution.

Disney did not provide many details on why the studio was being closed down, or whether the employees at Propaganda Games would be offered new employment in other Disney-owned development studios. In a shor statement made by the company, Disney confirmed that the studio had indeed been closed, and that it had completed all work associated with its current projects. Whether this means that no new DLC will be released for Tron: Evolution is unclear at this time.