28 Jan

Earlier we reported on significant layoffs at Epic Mickey developer Junction Point studios. Reports are now coming in that those layoffs were just part of a larger restructuring process, with the end result shifting the Disney Interactive Media Group into a digital-only company. The restructuring efforts began back in September of last year, with John […]

19 Jan

Disney Interactive has announced that it has closed down Propaganda Games, which was based out of Vancouver, Canada. The studio was originally formed in 2005 by employees who had left EA Canada, and released their debut-title Turok in 2008. Following that, the studio moved on to work on the canceled action/rpg titleĀ Pirates of the Caribbean: […]

15 Oct

Angela Emery, vice-president of Communications at Disney Interactive Studios, has confirmed that the upcoming pirate-themed action-RPGĀ Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned has been cancelled. The game was originally revealed to the general public in May 2009, and was set for a release somewhere in 2011. Following the cancellation of Armada of the Damned, […]