28 Jan

Earlier we reported on significant layoffs at Epic Mickey developer Junction Point studios. Reports are now coming in that those layoffs were just part of a larger restructuring process, with the end result shifting the Disney Interactive Media Group into a digital-only company. The restructuring efforts began back in September of last year, with John […]

05 Oct

While the goal of Disney Interactive Group remains the combined research and development across mobile, video, and online gaming, CEO Bob Iger has split the tasks of managing the group to two presidents. The two placed in charge of the media group are former Electronic Arts executive John Pleasants and Jimmy Pitaro, who recently resigned […]

27 Sep

Steve Wadsworth had been one of the key executives helping Disney into the new digital age. A key player in the company’s acquisitions of social gaming firms like Playdom and overseer to surprise successes like Club Penguin, Wadsworth nonetheless announced his resignation from Disney Interactive Media Group in an email to fellow employees. An 11-year […]