25 Jan

Picture is a rumored, yet-unconfirmed design

In the latest of what seems like 4,000 reports coming down the line daily, we have more details on Sony’s to-inevitably-be-announced PSP2. According to Japanese publication Nikkei.com (the online iteration of Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun), the device will support 3G functionality and have a large OLED touchscreen. The 3G is limited to gameplay, the report stating that there is no phone plan support. The PSP2 is also reported to have a new processor under the hood in order to display the newer, higher resolution visuals the OLED screen demands.

No pricing details were mentioned in the report. Regardless of this specific report’s validity, however, the handheld is expected to be announced on January 27th at a Tokyo Press conference.

Translated report provided by Andriasang