17 Feb

After having dropped numerous hints, and publicly discussing the possibility of creating a console version of the highly anticipated Diablo III, Blizzard finally appears to be gearing up to start development on ports for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. A recently posted job ad specifically states that the company is trying to recruit a new senior producer to manage the development of a Diablo III console port.

In the past, Blizzard employees have frequently discussed their enthousiasm for a possible console version of the game, but always indicated that the company would focus its attention on the development of the PC version. A release date for Diablo III has not yet been announced, but the fact that Blizzard is starting to shift some attention to a console version might be an indication that the development process has reached a stage in which the company expects to be able to move someĀ personnelĀ from development on the PC version of the game to work on the console version.