04 Feb

The North Korean invasion of US soil will be coming a week later than planned, as the near-future military shooter Homefront has announced a March 15th street date, a near week its intended launch. THQ confirmed the delay via their official Twitter page, but no offered no reason for the delay, and could not be reached for comment by Elder-Geek.

Official Twitter message:

“New Homefront release date confirmed – March 15th (March 18th for the UK) – sorry all, but it’s only a week extra!”

2 thoughts on “Homefront Delayed”

  1. One week isn’t bad, but a whole month or more is (ah Grand Turismo 5 last minute delay). Delays close to launch are bad, but if there is still a long time for development, than a push back of 3-6 months is fine, as long as the game is as good as the developers can make it.

    I really want to play this game, cause the concept of North Koreans invading the US intrigues me. Ah, Red Dawn homage. Also the multiplayer sounds awesome with being able to save battle points and use them during matches.

    1. Yeah the way the multiplayer looked, sort of had a MAG feel to it. One giant map, with push points to capture and progress along the map. Not to mention a nice wide range of vehicles to actually USE in this game. The game just looked really awesome, I hope it doesn’t take too long to launch.

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